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So, basically, I love books and so do you or you wouldn't be here. I enjoy being sucked into a good book. If it is not then I will come here and rant about it. :)

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The Time traveler's wife

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

Why? Why do some authors feel the need to ruin it in the last twenty pages. I had the intend of 5 stars but, now, not so much. That second Gomez incident lost me, was your down fall on my 1 star de-grading. Does Claire have no regard for her "best friend" Charisse. I mean come on. I had this haunting thought through out half this book. I thought that, maybe, Henry knew that Gomez was in love with Clare and was ignoring it. So, that once Henry died, he planned on the two of them being together. Then, Gomez gets married and I am relieved. Had that not happened a two star rating, would have been generous. I already disliked Gomez for a while so his actions don't surprise me, but I am disappointed. The ending could of been played out so much better. Involving both Clare and Alba in Henry's future time travels after his death. It would have been so much more, magical almost.


The first 495 pages of this book, are a brilliantly, stunning quilt of neatly, precisely  intricate pages of words woven together wonderfully. Under closer inspection, however, you find that there are flaws in small various patterns of stitch work. I looked past these, for once, because they were small and fixable. The concept of this story is remarkable and had me enthralled. I love the intellectual banter through out the book, I think a lot of it was lost on me, sadly. Before my time and the fact, that I have never been one to retain historical facts. Two weeks of no use and it's out the door.  This was a really, good book, for the most part.

Word garbage

How to Fight a Girl - Thomas Rockwell, Gioia Fiammenghi

I'm not quite sure how to even begin. The writing was bad. Half the time I wasn't 100 percent sure what was going on or who's point of view it was in. It switched in the most random places. As far as what happened in the book, it came off as non-chalet, when really what those kids were doing was poor behavior. I don't think it is clearly conveyed to kids who are reading it, that the actions and choices of some of the kids was wrong. After finishing, I'm still not sure what the point of the story was.  

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book love
book love

The Night Circus

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern I actually enjoyed this story. It definitely was not as intense as I was expecting but maybe that's why I like it. And I can not begin to express how thankful I am that she didn't go into obscenely boring details of description. It was simply refreshing.

Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces - Norma Fox Mazer This book had so much potential. The writing, however, seemed to lack flare, that's what I am going to call it. I think I'm becoming a bit of a negative book reviewer here. Anyways, unfortunately, the author happens to be one of these writers with these ridiculous reasons for why something can't be. Further explanation, Jessie, is trying to find her father and decides to start calling all the 150 or so wells' in the phonebook (good luck on that). As she is calling to find him or anyone related, there are a handful of people that give her the excuse of they just moved here so, not possible. I'm sorry, you just moved here which means there is no way you are related? Because we all live in colonies with our families and no where else. I personally don't have any relatives that live in Texas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Or that, at any point in time they can't decide to move by me, live by one another or back to where they grew up . No,no,no that's not how it works. Maybe one person with that excuse, okay, but a bunch, ha, I don't think so. I gave it a 2 because the ending did nothing for me. She goes through all this trouble searching, fighting, and thinking of her father; to when he is finally in her grasp, nothing. All that, and you did nothing, absolutely nothing. I was left feeling cheated of a story and the ending it should of had.

One of the Boys (G. K. Hall Romance)

One of the Boys (New Jersey, Americana, #30) - Janet Dailey You have got to be kidding me. You asshole, I can not forgive Dane's actions, especially, after this line "If I thought she was irreplaceable, I would argue with you. So don't think that you've upset me" Assuring Ruby, after one of her tantrums, about Pet. He could of said that differently.

You scumbag! Petra may forgive you,but I sure as hell will not. I don't care if it was an act, it seemed like an awful convincing show he was putting on. How romantic he deleted the tapes in the end, costing him a fortune and no doubt upsetting Ruby, but where was my confrontation with that trifling bitch, Ruby, to set her in her place.

I hate to give a romance novel a one, but even after I slept on it; it's still rubbing me the wrong way. So, I've decided to change my rating to 1.5 stars.

Southern Nights

Southern Nights - Janet Dailey So, I read this in stealing kisses, a two story novel of Janet Dailey, but it says that she re-wrote it; so, not sure if that means this version is different or not. I really enjoyed the story and commentary but the grammar of this book is awful, cans were cants and stuff like that. And some of her description of scenes didn't seem to give me a clear picture of what was going on. I just loved Barbara and Jock, however; and quite an f-ed up situation, I might add. but this book was: An enjoyable beautifully, simple love story.

Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (50 Shades Trilogy)

Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James well...that was definitely not what I was expecting from this series. All anyone really talks about is the sex, which there was a lot, but it was much more than that. While, yes some of the "kinky fuckery" (authors terms, not mine) sounded fun, others, were more... WTF? You are doing what? Yah...I'm good, glad I'm just reading this. But it just shows how much they really loved each other. I found this story enlightening, and I really enjoyed reading about them falling deeply and passionately in love. I also found the inner goddess tidbit entertaining. I was a little disappointed in the ending, seemed out of place to end it like that, or is that the introduction for a follow up book in Christian's pov?

I do have some more negative criticism, however. Ana was really kind of annoying me in this last book. With most of her actions, she was ridiculously childish. Like the bikini top incident and the jet ski. Do I think it was right of Christian to not let her drive the jet ski? NO. But I do find it romantic that he cares about her safety. I too would not find it amusing if I was in the predicament myself, so I understand her defiance but it is how she did it, that irks me. She asked but failed to mention the specifics (on purpose) and took advantage of Taylor, whom she seems to have a bond with, to get her way. Totally ignoring the fact that she knew he'd be in trouble. The bikini thing, he just told her that he wouldn't appreciate it for all of France to see her bosoms, yet she completely disrespected her husband in that regard, so he had every right to be mad. Now, how Mr. Grey dealt with it I thought was quite funny. I mean it was so fifty. And technically, she can't really be mad because she gives Christan full rain to her body during those times. Also, I don't believe they ever talked about hickies being off limits. Yes, I would be pissed if I was Ana but I'm not sure she really could be. Now, lets talk about this Christian punishing her by not allowing her to orgasm scene. I don't know about anyone else but I was really counting on Ana to finally beat Christian at his own game. Stick it to him in a sense. I mean she did cum by herself in a dream one time. I was hoping she'd think of that and next time he got her almost to the top, she'd continue on in her mind and bam, orgasm. His reaction, I'm sure, would of been priceless. It would been quite the scheme. I don't think I have anything to complain about with aspen. In regards to her confronting Gia, you go girl. I am right on page with her for her actions with the Leila and Mrs. Robinson fiascos. Though, I would have argued more that Leila be able to stay till the next day, and that he had no right to talk to her that way, she is a human being, submissive, or not. That she just came to say thank you so she could have closure, which he should understand.

Now, lets talk about this security Mr. Grey seems to have. He hires the best of the best, yet there are all these discrepancies occurring, including the Charlie Tango malfunction (sabotage), Leila getting into Escula and not being able to find her, no one seeing Jack wasted camped out in front of the Greys home, not being able to find out what jack had on his pa's, and Jack getting into Grey enterprise to start a fire . Yah, because that makes a ton of sense. How is it that every time something happens they are incompetent at doing the jobs they're supposed to be so good at. Now, this whole kidnapping thing was so simplistic and really didn't make sense as to why she needed to go about it alone, her and sawyer could of come up with a plan. But I'll play along, she didn't want him to call Mr. Grey because that's what he would probably do and risk Mia's life. But what I really don't get is, how the hell did she think she was going to leave the bank with 5 mill, without them calling him. She's supposed to have had a 4.0 and be intelligent. Not very characteristic if you ask me. Why didn't Miss/Mrs. James have Ana shoot Jack in the male instrument, that would of been just simply perfect. (I mean she could of used the excuse of bad aiming if the police said anything)

Oh, and come on, it is highly laughable that she won't let him see her pee. You are married, you let the man shave your vagina, violate your lady parts any other way (and I do hate that she calls it her sex) and you're having a baby come out of your crotch which is no pretty sight and would be just as uncomfortable for you. (yes, I know that's not the events that happened but at the time she didn't know that)

I did find it a little weird that she uses the same words in her sub-conscious that she does when getting aroused, for other events too, the Oh for example. And daddy, what?. What was with the popsicle scene, and their son. I don't think E.L James has kids because that would explain a lot.

Finally, lets talk about Christian Grey, I don't care which way he was, caring and passionate or domineering and controlling, I love him both ways. Oh, I have honestly the biggest book girl crush on you. What I wouldn't give to argue with you and your twitchy palm. :) Anyway, I liked the concept that Ana was his therapy and helped. No complaints about him and his character at all.

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James hmm...I don't know about anybody else, but this is basically just an x-rated version of Bella and Edward from the twilight saga. It's even in the same area, weird, minus the paranormal factor, of course.

So, I just read some reviews for that inner goddess journal, & apparently that is exactly what this is,glad my intuitions are correct but I feel stupid for not knowing that this was common knowledge.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks Nicholas Sparks, I was honestly beginning to wonder about your soul. I mean I wasn't sure if you had a heart and enjoyed being a sadist writer. but you have remedied yourself with this story and thank you for that.

(yes I maybe exaggerating a bit on the analysis :) )

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks Nicholas sparks really just doesn't do it for me.


Bloodline - Sidney Sheldon hmm...I feel like I'm missing a little info. Like on, Helene with those boots. Who really killed Elizabeth's father? It's still a little up in the air, on how that was all conducted. And what happened at the end of that conversation with Helene and Rhys? Or how did that file get in the bottom drawer with a personal attachment from Helene? Did Alec know about their past or were the two of them in it together (helene and alec). Or was it a letter not even connected to that addressed envelope. And what the heck was Rhys doing all those times he said he had meetings in the middle of the night...And am I the only one who thought it a little odd that the cop knew she was running from Rhys when it was a split decision to run. And when she did phone to tell anyone they were unavailable so how would the cop on the other side know and be waiting? So, I wasn't fooled but with those weird sex acts I sure was. I did not expect it to be him.

The Tiger's Wife: A Novel

The Tiger's Wife - Téa Obreht yep...I hate this book. It makes me angry that there are these lame excuses for the actions of some of the characters of this book. There is always a choice, be brave or a coward. I felt that most of the characters were cowards, examples: luka, Natalia (only because she used the excuse of the war for her rebellion (not saying she's a bad person for that, just it annoyed me)) and kasim/apothecary, not to the same degree but all guilty of it. I did like the incorporation of karma but once she dies, I hate the book and it doesn't seem like enough justice. I can't stand what all happened to her. I always think what if that was me, if I had to live that life. I don't understand why she had to die what was the symbolism. I thought the tiger was her protector. I did however like the story of the dealthless man very much but being only a small portion it didn't makeup for the rest.

ughh...ok so I'm writing this review after the first because I want to explain myself and my dislike for this book a little better not in a childish rant So here I go....The story is centered around her grandfathers life: the past (the tigers wife), the present (his family aka Natalia's part in it, and the future (the deathless man). To me this was about family, death, and most importantly fear. The only reason I dislike this story so much is that the tiger's wife dies other wise I would have given this 3 stars. It is well written and enlightening, but annoying at the same time, which is why it took me four days to finish, it was one of those books I had to force myself to finish. Why did the tiger wife story bother me so much? Let me explain, you see I consider her younger grandfather, a boy at the time the story takes place and the only one not plagued by fear, more a grown up than any other person in that village (the good/the protector/hope/"batman") , to represent the innocent people in a war they do not wish to be involved (societys or the governments), the ones who are not on a side but show compassion to anyone, no matter what side they happen to live on or appear to be. They are not bias on a location or physical form but the human beings themselves (inside). Because they understand we all eat, breath, live, die, and feel emotion, all the same. They do not listen to the poison other people have to spout about someone and instead find out first hand what is what. They realize that the roles could easily have been reversed, they could have been born that other person instead (the ridiculed/shunned based sometimes on a simple act of jealousy) , and in the opposite position. So the only reasonable question they will ask themselves is what is the right thing to do?...And there answer will be simple: to be brave, do the right thing, not thinking what will happen to them but thinking of the other. They realize no matter what opinion has been forced upon them based on prejudice on color, location, or anything else of the like, and not the person inside, is wrong. So they will help the helpless. The tigers wife she represents the struggle. The judgments people make based on nothing substantial really- gossip, superstition, and fear. The pettiness of people to abuse another. The town, they represent the ugly. The bittness, the superstition, the fear, the prejudice, the pride, aka the bad. So when she died it was as if hope died as well. The fight they had taken on together was lost. The hero failed. So as some got hope out of this story, I got hopelessness and this is what I don't like about it.

So, I was thinking about this book again. I can see why critical thinkers would find this to be one of their favorites. There are only three parts of this book I still can't fully wrap my head around. I should of re-read the parts with the taxidermist and apothecary, but at that point, I just wanted to be done. I don't really understand their significance and I just know I'm missing something. The third thing, what exactly is the tiger supposed to represent. I read somewhere that someone felt the tiger was truth. At first, I agreed and thought, yah, but the more I thought about it, the more it didn't seem right. Then, I thought the tiger represent life but that didn't sit right either. The tiger did technically kill the taxidermist, so, that basically seemed like a no go. And then finally it came to me. I feel the tiger represents justice. Maybe not directly by his jaws, but in around about way.

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska - John Green Am I the only one who found this book really boring and predictable while reading it. When I was finished (plus the last page and a half helped) it was more enjoyable, so I give it a 3.5. I did enjoy some of the insightful intellect and the banter between the characters. But it was pretty easy to figure out the whole story in, lets say the first five pages...talk about boring...waiting 200 pages to see it play out.

Let Love Find You

Let Love Find You - Johanna Lindsey Well, at least this one was different, yet the same. A little too predictable for my taste. I found some of the characters to be a bit hypocritical in this book but I suppose that's life. It took an eternity for anything to happen. I'm not talking about the physical scenes either, I was actually glad about that, but even just getting to the plot, so it was quite boring at first. I gave it a 5 simply for the love story, it was romantic. I have got to be the biggest hopeless romantic ever. I wish she'd write one of those Christmas 4.5 books with all the characters, but I don't see her doing that, too bad. I find the series name lacking and inadequate. I believe it should be called the Locke/St john family, instead of the Reid family. They've been the focal main characters for the romance in all but the first book, even then still played a vital role in it.

The Devil Who Tamed Her

The Devil Who Tamed Her - Johanna Lindsey Okay, this author is really starting to annoy me to death. If she describes how Sabrina (wonderful name :) but I'm not being bias due to that) is not a beauty and basically calling her ugly one more freaking time; I'm going to burn every book I see of hers. The story, for the most part, seems alright. But, this whole Sabrina description is starting to toy with any other thought I can have on this story. She goes from having other characters admiring her looks, enough to think it, to then say in narrative she is downright ugly, plain jane. Okay, obviously, she's not as pretty or gorgeous as Ophelia ( so it been described enough vainly), but she's got to be mildly pretty and once you get to know her, more so, as stated. So why does she keep bringing this fact up about "by no means a beauty"??? ughh!