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So, basically, I love books and so do you or you wouldn't be here. I enjoy being sucked into a good book. If it is not then I will come here and rant about it. :)

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Reached (Matched Trilogy Book 3)

Reached - Ally Condie I ended up liking the book, but I had my doubts. Somewhere between the end of the second book and halfway through the third. It seemed, I don't know, hard to read almost. like it was going no were but finally some action or some sort of life came back to the story....I'm glad that it kind of came together in a round circle in the end and of course the one thing that determines the out come of the story for me is that the "true love" of the story stays together if I wanted to read real life i'd watch t.v :)...but I like when stories have happy ending and unlike reality; one where they aren't looking for more when they already have one heart.