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So, basically, I love books and so do you or you wouldn't be here. I enjoy being sucked into a good book. If it is not then I will come here and rant about it. :)

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The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters: Destiny Rising

Destiny Rising - L.J. Smith Alright,I guess I will write a review for this monstrosity of a series. First, I'd like to say that I absolutely dreaded reading these books since Midnight, maybe the sixth book or whatever one that they went to the dark dimension in. But since I have some strange must finish the series even if you hate it problem going on, I couldn't stop reading. Even when I had to close my eyes for a second and take a deep breath, just to digest what I was about to read. No, I don't think it was the ghost writer that ruined this series, that ship was sinking long before then. Yes, it sucks that LJ was fired but it wasn't her idea in the first place for the story. It was the powers that be and she was merely giving it character.
Now, WHY you ask ...Because what makes Elena so freakin' different form Katherine. Hhhhmmm...give me a minute.
climatic drum roll
Oh yeah, I got it. NOTHING !!! They both toyed with the Salvatore’s hearts and were selfish. I don’t want to read a story where the main character and everyone before them are the same. And why is it that all these women in books lately can’t help but be hoes (yes that’s what I think two-timing is). Anyway, done with that rant.

Now, I thought this was the last book of the series. I mean I was so flipping excited I could finally be done. Cartwheels, flips, round offs, you know the whole shebang. So you get what kind of emphatic journey I was on here, but no. You couldn't just leave it be with your anti-climatic ending. Then, I read some reviews for this next so called book and you kill my favorite character. Lets just kill Elena, I mean really kill her this time, and call it a day. Perfect 5 star ending.

On my final note, I am going to be positive. The only thing I did like about these last 3 books, was bonnie and zanders relationship.I’m a sucker for love stories. & I don't care how teenish it was, I loved it!!!