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So, basically, I love books and so do you or you wouldn't be here. I enjoy being sucked into a good book. If it is not then I will come here and rant about it. :)

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The Devil Who Tamed Her

The Devil Who Tamed Her - Johanna Lindsey Okay, this author is really starting to annoy me to death. If she describes how Sabrina (wonderful name :) but I'm not being bias due to that) is not a beauty and basically calling her ugly one more freaking time; I'm going to burn every book I see of hers. The story, for the most part, seems alright. But, this whole Sabrina description is starting to toy with any other thought I can have on this story. She goes from having other characters admiring her looks, enough to think it, to then say in narrative she is downright ugly, plain jane. Okay, obviously, she's not as pretty or gorgeous as Ophelia ( so it been described enough vainly), but she's got to be mildly pretty and once you get to know her, more so, as stated. So why does she keep bringing this fact up about "by no means a beauty"??? ughh!