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Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (50 Shades Trilogy)

Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James well...that was definitely not what I was expecting from this series. All anyone really talks about is the sex, which there was a lot, but it was much more than that. While, yes some of the "kinky fuckery" (authors terms, not mine) sounded fun, others, were more... WTF? You are doing what? Yah...I'm good, glad I'm just reading this. But it just shows how much they really loved each other. I found this story enlightening, and I really enjoyed reading about them falling deeply and passionately in love. I also found the inner goddess tidbit entertaining. I was a little disappointed in the ending, seemed out of place to end it like that, or is that the introduction for a follow up book in Christian's pov?

I do have some more negative criticism, however. Ana was really kind of annoying me in this last book. With most of her actions, she was ridiculously childish. Like the bikini top incident and the jet ski. Do I think it was right of Christian to not let her drive the jet ski? NO. But I do find it romantic that he cares about her safety. I too would not find it amusing if I was in the predicament myself, so I understand her defiance but it is how she did it, that irks me. She asked but failed to mention the specifics (on purpose) and took advantage of Taylor, whom she seems to have a bond with, to get her way. Totally ignoring the fact that she knew he'd be in trouble. The bikini thing, he just told her that he wouldn't appreciate it for all of France to see her bosoms, yet she completely disrespected her husband in that regard, so he had every right to be mad. Now, how Mr. Grey dealt with it I thought was quite funny. I mean it was so fifty. And technically, she can't really be mad because she gives Christan full rain to her body during those times. Also, I don't believe they ever talked about hickies being off limits. Yes, I would be pissed if I was Ana but I'm not sure she really could be. Now, lets talk about this Christian punishing her by not allowing her to orgasm scene. I don't know about anyone else but I was really counting on Ana to finally beat Christian at his own game. Stick it to him in a sense. I mean she did cum by herself in a dream one time. I was hoping she'd think of that and next time he got her almost to the top, she'd continue on in her mind and bam, orgasm. His reaction, I'm sure, would of been priceless. It would been quite the scheme. I don't think I have anything to complain about with aspen. In regards to her confronting Gia, you go girl. I am right on page with her for her actions with the Leila and Mrs. Robinson fiascos. Though, I would have argued more that Leila be able to stay till the next day, and that he had no right to talk to her that way, she is a human being, submissive, or not. That she just came to say thank you so she could have closure, which he should understand.

Now, lets talk about this security Mr. Grey seems to have. He hires the best of the best, yet there are all these discrepancies occurring, including the Charlie Tango malfunction (sabotage), Leila getting into Escula and not being able to find her, no one seeing Jack wasted camped out in front of the Greys home, not being able to find out what jack had on his pa's, and Jack getting into Grey enterprise to start a fire . Yah, because that makes a ton of sense. How is it that every time something happens they are incompetent at doing the jobs they're supposed to be so good at. Now, this whole kidnapping thing was so simplistic and really didn't make sense as to why she needed to go about it alone, her and sawyer could of come up with a plan. But I'll play along, she didn't want him to call Mr. Grey because that's what he would probably do and risk Mia's life. But what I really don't get is, how the hell did she think she was going to leave the bank with 5 mill, without them calling him. She's supposed to have had a 4.0 and be intelligent. Not very characteristic if you ask me. Why didn't Miss/Mrs. James have Ana shoot Jack in the male instrument, that would of been just simply perfect. (I mean she could of used the excuse of bad aiming if the police said anything)

Oh, and come on, it is highly laughable that she won't let him see her pee. You are married, you let the man shave your vagina, violate your lady parts any other way (and I do hate that she calls it her sex) and you're having a baby come out of your crotch which is no pretty sight and would be just as uncomfortable for you. (yes, I know that's not the events that happened but at the time she didn't know that)

I did find it a little weird that she uses the same words in her sub-conscious that she does when getting aroused, for other events too, the Oh for example. And daddy, what?. What was with the popsicle scene, and their son. I don't think E.L James has kids because that would explain a lot.

Finally, lets talk about Christian Grey, I don't care which way he was, caring and passionate or domineering and controlling, I love him both ways. Oh, I have honestly the biggest book girl crush on you. What I wouldn't give to argue with you and your twitchy palm. :) Anyway, I liked the concept that Ana was his therapy and helped. No complaints about him and his character at all.