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So, basically, I love books and so do you or you wouldn't be here. I enjoy being sucked into a good book. If it is not then I will come here and rant about it. :)

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Bloodline - Sidney Sheldon hmm...I feel like I'm missing a little info. Like on, Helene with those boots. Who really killed Elizabeth's father? It's still a little up in the air, on how that was all conducted. And what happened at the end of that conversation with Helene and Rhys? Or how did that file get in the bottom drawer with a personal attachment from Helene? Did Alec know about their past or were the two of them in it together (helene and alec). Or was it a letter not even connected to that addressed envelope. And what the heck was Rhys doing all those times he said he had meetings in the middle of the night...And am I the only one who thought it a little odd that the cop knew she was running from Rhys when it was a split decision to run. And when she did phone to tell anyone they were unavailable so how would the cop on the other side know and be waiting? So, I wasn't fooled but with those weird sex acts I sure was. I did not expect it to be him.