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So, basically, I love books and so do you or you wouldn't be here. I enjoy being sucked into a good book. If it is not then I will come here and rant about it. :)

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The Time traveler's wife

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

Why? Why do some authors feel the need to ruin it in the last twenty pages. I had the intend of 5 stars but, now, not so much. That second Gomez incident lost me, was your down fall on my 1 star de-grading. Does Claire have no regard for her "best friend" Charisse. I mean come on. I had this haunting thought through out half this book. I thought that, maybe, Henry knew that Gomez was in love with Clare and was ignoring it. So, that once Henry died, he planned on the two of them being together. Then, Gomez gets married and I am relieved. Had that not happened a two star rating, would have been generous. I already disliked Gomez for a while so his actions don't surprise me, but I am disappointed. The ending could of been played out so much better. Involving both Clare and Alba in Henry's future time travels after his death. It would have been so much more, magical almost.


The first 495 pages of this book, are a brilliantly, stunning quilt of neatly, precisely  intricate pages of words woven together wonderfully. Under closer inspection, however, you find that there are flaws in small various patterns of stitch work. I looked past these, for once, because they were small and fixable. The concept of this story is remarkable and had me enthralled. I love the intellectual banter through out the book, I think a lot of it was lost on me, sadly. Before my time and the fact, that I have never been one to retain historical facts. Two weeks of no use and it's out the door.  This was a really, good book, for the most part.